About us


II Cocky clothing has an impromptu origin to say the least. Circa 2005-2006 I came up with an idea to promote parties inspired by my brothers Justin Martin & Jimmie Adams. Over the years I had been tagged as arrogant and too cocky, much to my dismay.  I was also known as a smart ass, which I did not mind as much So armed with a plethora of wit, I decided to use what others called me to my advantage and we started II Cocky Entertainment to promote college parties and music. The Roman numeral is significant because my last name is Stewart II and it also resembles my zodiac sign! The ALMIGHTY GEMINI!! lol! We always felt more royal than we should have so the crown on a COCKY Rooster seemed II perfect! From that moment, our version of chanticleer was formed as the vintage rooster with the crown logo you see today. After months of printing up t-shirts to promote parties, we noticed that the t-shirts were getting more notoriety than the actual parties we were promoting. People would keep asking about the damn shirts and I was responding "come to our party" , they showed more interest in buying the shirts I was giving away FREE for promo! Then I had a choice to make so I made it; I decided then to start a new clothing company called II Cocky Clothing. After years of selling my apparel here and there from the trunk of my car, I was finally able to launch the website that you are showing interest in today!!! There are so many ways to discourage people from being cocky but we are breaking that mold. You can be confident , arrogant and cocky and still be respectful of others. With this brand we promote being the best you that you can be and that starts with self love & appreciation!! If you have worked hard and prepared for your obstacles there is nothing wrong with being... II COCKY


Photo from our "official" startup party! in 2006! LOL! Pictured from left to right (Justin Martin, Willie Stewart II, Jimmie Adams)