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'II Cocky' still has different stories of origination 10 years later.  Entrepreneurs David, Justin, and Jim all remember it differently.  David was dissatisfied with the clothing available in the small town where he went to college, Hattiesburg, MS., he was also getting an entertainment company off the ground that threw parties and promoted mixtapes.  So he had fashionable tees made to brand his entertainment company II Cocky Ent.  People on the campus of Univ of Southern Miss started asking where he got his gear and a clothing business was made.  II Cocky Ent. still exists as a platform for artist development and we've been selling gear ever since.  We also release limited designer pieces that can be seen on iicocky.com Shout out to the group of dreamers, 'the wolfpac' known for music, hustlin, and the gorgeous women that ran through campus edge and 7th st.